Pictures from the Bequest (7) held illegally at the National Gallery

In his will Turner  Bequeathed   two pictures to the


In 1829, in the first draft of his will, Turner bequeathed two of his works to the National Gallery : Dido Building Carthage, or the Rise of the Carthaginian Empire and The Decline of Carthage, provided they were deemed worthy to be and were placed by the side of two pictures by Claude.

In the 1831 version of his will, Turner substituted Sun rising through Mist for The Decline of the Carthaginian Empire.

In a codicil of 1832, Turner asked that a special gallery be built to contain the totality of his work, next to a charitable institution for artists at Twickenham.

If this turned out to be impossible, the Gallery in Queen Ann street was to serve the purpose, and to be called ‘Turner’s Gallery”.


Finally, in the third codicil of 1848, as already mentioned, Turner bequeathed his finished pictures to the National Gallery, with the attendant conditions.


In 1848, in a codicil to his will of 1831, Turner bequeathed his  finished pictures to the curators of the National Gallery, on condition that a room or rooms be  added to the present National Gallery, and that once built, it or they be called “Turner’s Gallery »


Henry   Tate had offered to pay for  a new  building to noue his collection of British that had been turner down by rthe Natinal Gallery

The Tate gallery was built in 1892

In ….? the NG transferred  the Turner Bequest to newly built Tate Gallery….

(kept together

When the Clore Gallery see Selby


The other pictures in his gammery were to bequeathed to the Nation on cnfition that




131 Dido building Carthage 1815




Sun Rising through Vapour before 1807


14 Dutch Boats in a Gale (‘The Bridgewater Sea Piece’ 1801







48 Calais Pier 1803






The Evening Star about 1830

The Fighting Temeraire being towed to its last birth to be broken up 1839 BJ 377

This picture according to Ruskin marked one of the turning  points of Turners’s later career




N-4250-01-000006 028

The Parting of Hero and Leander before 1837


330 Ulysses deriding Polyphemus – Homer’s Odyssey, 1829

This picture according to Ruskin also marked one of the turning  points of Turners’s later career

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409 Rain, Steam, and Speed – The Great Western Railway 1844


468 Margate (?), from the Sea about 1835-40




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