Liber Studiorum series, (placed here temporarily)

512  Norham Castle, sunrise, B&J, cat. 512, pl. 498,

515 Sunrise,  a Castle on a Bay : “Solitude”, cat. 515, pl. 501,

7.   Sunrise with a  Boat between Headlands, pl. 502, cat.

518        The Ponte delle Torre, Spoleto,  cat. 518, pl. 504,

521      Mountain  scene with Lake and Hut,cat. 521,  pl. 506,

522         Mountain  Landscape, cat. 522,  pl. 507,

532   A river seen from a Hill, cat 532, plate 512,

531  Landscape with Water, pl.519, cat 531


509  Landscape  with a River and  Bay in the Distance, pl.495, cat. 509, now in the Louvre, Paris,




510 The Fall of the Clyde, pl. 496, cat. 510, now in the Lady Lever Art Gallery, Port Sunlight,

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