J.M.W.Turner, R.A., Publications

J.M.W.Turner, R.A., Publications

Prices at 1 January 2003


J.M.W.Turner, R.A. 

A journal, appearing irregularly, devoted to Turner’s international place in the arts, to John Ruskin, and to the support of the Committee for the Instatement of Turner’s Gallery.

Edited by Selby Whittingham and Robert Walmsley.

No.1.   19 December 1988.  86 pages.     £12.00

No.2.   19 December 1993.  230 pages.  £20.00


An Historical Account of the Will of J.M.W.Turner, R.A.

By Selby Whittingham.

2nd edition, 1993-6, in 5 fascicules, 415 pages.  ISBN 1 874564 01 9.   £40.00

1.  Text £12;   2-5. Documents:   2. The Will, £8;    3. In the Courts, £8;    4. In Parliament, £8;    5. The Lords Committee, £8.


The Fallacy of Mediocrity:  The Need for a Proper Turner Gallery

December 1992.  In 3-4 fascicules.   ISBN 1 874564 00 0.

1. Text, 208 pages, £18.00;      2-4. Appendices, Series 1-3:    2.  Appendices 1, 82 pages, £9.00;     3.  Appendices 2,

146 pages, £14.00;     4.  Appendices 3, forthcoming.


Ruskin as Turner’s Executor

By Selby Whittingham.  Essay and documents.  8 February 1995.   70 pages.  ISBN 1 874564 22 1.  £9.00.


Turner Exhibited 1856-61

By Selby Whittingham.

Critiques of the Turner Bequest pictures, 1856-61.  8 February 1995.  78 pages.  ISBN 1 874564 07 8.  £9.00.


The World Directory of Artists’ Museums

By Selby Whittingham.

Lists some 500 museums, houses, monuments, libraries, including those which no longer exist.

10 January 1995.  148 pages.  ISBN 1 874564 02 7.   £12.00    (New edition in preparation).


Of Geese, Mallards and Drakes:  Some Notes on Turner’s Family.

By Selby Whittingham, with contributions from others.

In 4 parts, 1993-9.  New editions of   1 and 2 in preparation.  Parts 1-3 £14.00 each.  Part 4  £27.00.

1.  The Danbys.   May 1993.  138 pages.                                     ISBN 1 874564 27 2.

2.  The Turners of Devon, 23 April 1995.  134 pages.  ISBN 1 874564 32 9.

3.  Mrs Booth of Margate, 14 September 1996, 144 pages.              ISBN 1 874564 42 6.

4.  The Marshalls & Harpurs, October 1999, 290 pages, in 2 fascicules.    ISBN 1 874564 37 X.


Turner Walks

By Selby Whittingham.

Series 1, first published by Tibor Gönye, April 1997. A5.  £3.50 each, £10.00 for 4.   Most out of print.

1.  Kensington, 17 pages, ISBN 1 874564 47.7.    2.  Chelsea, 9 pages, ISBN 1 874564 52 3.   3.   Covent Garden &         Bloomsbury, 17 pages, ISBN 1 874564 57 4.  4.  Mayfair and St James’s, 21 pages, ISBN 1 874564 62.0.

Series 2, published 1999, illustrated, A5,    £3.50 each or £10.00 for 4.

5.   Marylebone, ISBN 1 874564 67 1.   6.  The City (South-East), ISBN 1 874564 72 8.  7.  Clerkenwell and Smithfield,  ISBN 1 874564 77 9.  8.  Islington.  ISBN 1 874564 82 5.

Series 3,  forthcoming, A4. £9 each.

9.  Southwark & Bermondsey.   10.  Oxford & District.      11.  Tonbridge & District.


Ruskin’s Guide to the Turners in the Clore Gallery

Edited by Robert Walmsley and Selby Whittingham.

ISBN 1 874564 12 4.   Out of print.   Any new edition will depend on the future of the Clore Gallery.


Prices include postage.  Those not paying in sterling should add £7.00 to cover cost of conversion.


J.M.W.Turner, R.A.,  Turner House,  153 Cromwell Road,   London SW5 OTQ,   Great Britain.


Some Opinions on J.M.W.Turner, R.A., Publications


J.M.W.Turner, R.A.


“You won’t find a chunkier or more combative Christmas read than ‘J.M.W.Turner,R.A.’” (Maev Kennedy, Diary, The Guardian).


“I think it is very desirable that your opinions and arguments should be made available to our readers.” (The Librarian of the Tate Gallery, London).


“It is very well put together and crammed with new information … It’s refreshing to find an academic journal that speaks out.”  (John Lewis Bradley,  Emeritus Professor of English, Universities of Durham and Maryland)


An Historical Account of the Will of J.M.W.Turner, R.A.


“It is an extremely complicated story but you have managed with careful detail to make it lucid even to the non-specialist.  And on your main conclusions I find myself very much in agreement.”  (Professor Norman Gash, FBA, FRSL, Emeritus Professor of History, University of St Andrews).


“Your masterly work about Turner’s will.”  (Leolin Price, CBE, QC).


“A masterly work indeed.”  (Alec Samuels, JP, Barrister, former Reader in Law, University of Southampton).


“A brilliant piece of work.”  (Kenneth Hudson, OBE, FSA, Director of the European Museum Forum).


The Fallacy of Mediocrity:  The Need for a Proper Turner Gallery


“Your marshalling of evidence is totally convincing – the disaster of the Clore Gallery, the endless ‘economies with the truth’ from scholars & directors who should know better & the total total inactivity of the Trustees to look into it – always leaving the room saying ‘Oh we leave it to the Director.’  What are they for?”  (Sir Hugh Casson, CH, KCVO, Past President of the Royal Academy of Arts).


“So scholarly and encyclopedic an investigation … should be permanently on sale in the Tate Gallery …   Your polemic [is] wholly justified  … It was … necessary that it should be written.”  (Brian Sewell, art critic of the Evening Standard).


“Like my father [Lord Clark of Saltwood, OM], I am entirely persuaded by your case.”  (Rt.Hon. Alan Clark, MP).


Of Geese, Mallards and Drakes:  Some Notes on Turner’s Family


“I am enormously impressed by the dedication and care you are giving to unravelling so many strands of Turner’s life.  Scholars in the future will be profoundly indebted to you.”  (Revd. Anthony Symondson, SJ, architectural historian and descendant of Sarah Danby).


“The riddle of the man [Turner] should be read by the key of this munificent testament  …  The treatment of the works of which he has made the nation his heirs is nothing less than a matter of national import.”  (Tom Taylor, art critic of The Times and sometime Editor of Punch, writing in 1856)


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